About Us

Shelley Henshaw

Hi! I'm the "Chalk Lady," and this is how one great idea turned into an even greater one:  Chalk Me Up, the original chalkboard T-shirt!  


The Idea

In 2011, one of my kids came home with a spray can of chalkboard paint.  My other two kids and I were amazed: a chalkboard you can put on any surface?  As he was spraying it on a wall, an idea came to me: "How do we get this on a T-shirt?"  It took over a year and a lot of experimentation to get it right-but I refused to give up! All the hard work led to what is now "Chalk Me Up!" the original chalkboard T-shirt, as we know and love it today. 

Our Team - and our Family 

My son Josh is my business sounding board, my other son Jake does many of the graphic arts and flyers, and my daughter Jillian also has done graphic arts and flyers, produced a video including her own music behind it.  All of them have participated in selling at more shows than I can say!!  We are looking to spread our shirts and now...our hoodies, drawstring backpacks and patches(coming up) like wildfire!

How it Works 

Think of something fun to draw/write. Chalk your design with our chalk(for toddlers) or chalk markers (youth and up).  Show it off.  Start the fun all over again! Erase with a damp cloth and redo over and over again! Our products go in the washer & dryer too (air dry drawstring backpacks only) !

Our Mission

Chalk Me Up! is bringing simplicity and individuality back to fashion by incorporating arts, crafts, & customization. Our products are great for children, adults, family reunions, schools, clubs, events, sports fans and you name it! Use our products to spark the imagination, express yourself, and bring people together. We love making our customers happy, and we hope to continue bringing joy to kids and adults from all walks of life.